EnSoft offers web, phone and e-mail support for its products. The following support resources are available through the website:

  • License Management – information for license administrators, such us how to request a license transfer or update the license administrator contact info.
  • Contact Support – phone and e-mail contact information for the support team.

Please note that while we welcome feedback and bug reports from all users of our software, we cannot guarantee resolution of the issue to customers without a current maintenance contract.

Contact Support

Phone:  +1 (515) 296-3253

E-mailing us about an existing ticket? Please reply to the last e-mail, preserving the subject line, so our system can sort your e-mail properly.

For general questions about our company or our software, including questions about price and available licensing options, please use our main contact page.

Reporting a Problem

For faster service when reporting a problem, please include the following information:

  • License set and license number, if known
  • Application log file, if an application error has occurred
  • Description of what you were doing when the problem occurred.  If possible, please include specific steps that consistently reproduce the problem.
  • Description of the error or unexpected behavior you encountered.  Also describe the expected behavior, if it isn’t obvious from the error description.
  • Any peculiarities of your system configuration that may be relevant.

SimDiff Support

Getting Started with SimDiff

For a demonstration of how SimDiff compares and merges Simulink models, please see our demonstration video.

For further details, you can look at the user manual which is available in HTML and PDF.

License Management

For bulk transfers, please send the above information in spreadsheet form.

Resources to assist with managing licenses.  If the option you need is not listed here, please contact support.

Resend License Information

Please contact support to request resending licensing information.  The following identifiers will assist us in looking up your record, ordered starting with the most useful identifier:

  1. License set identifier(s)
  2. License credentials
  3. PO number or quote number

For bulk transfers, please send the above information in spreadsheet form.

Request License Transfer

Please contact support to request a license transfer.  Be sure to include the following information:

  • License set number (and license number within the license set, if known)
  • For named-user licenses:
    • Current user information (name, login ID, e-mail address)
    • New user information (name, login ID, e-mail address)
  • For node-locked licenses:
    • Current host ID
    • New host ID

Update License Manager Contact Info

Please contact support to update your license manager contact information.  Be sure to include the following information:

  • License set number(s)
  • Name (given name and surname)
  • Contact information (e-mail address, phone number, etc.)

If the license manager role is changing hands, please have the current manager send the contact information for the new manager.


OLicense-Server Installer

License Server Documentation

Repository Integration

SimDiff allows integration with several repository systems. Below are links to documents outlining how to set up different repositories with SimDiff. If you have questions about the existing documentation, or if your repository is not listed, please contact EnSoft support.


Repository Integration Guides


Below are definitions for some technical support terms that are used in our software and referred to on this website.

Application Log File

Logs errors, warnings, and events of interest while the application is running.  It is usually required to diagnose support issues so they can be resolved.  The log file is reset at the start of each application run, so it is important to send the log file immediately after encountering an error so the problem can be diagnosed.

Example:  Start Menu > All Programs > EnSoft > SimDiff > SimDiff Log File

Application Maintenance Date

Each application version has an associated maintenance date that determines whether or not the release can be used with a customer’s maintenance contract.  Typically, the application maintenance date is the same as the release date for that version.

The application maintenance date must be earlier than the maintenance contract’s expiration date, otherwise the software cannot be used.  For example, suppose Joe has a perpetual license to SimDiff, with a maintenance contract that expires on June 1.  SimDiff X was released on April 14, and SimDiff Y will be released on June 10.  Joe can use SimDiff X perpetually, but he won’t be able to use SimDiff Y at all.  If Joe purchases additional maintenance, he will then be able to use SimDiff Y perpetually as well.

License Credentials

Identifies a user or a machine that is licensed to use the software.  The machine identifiers are one-way hashes of hardware identifiers for the machine the application runs on.  The user/e-mail identifier is a combination of the user’s login ID and e-mail address.


Host ID – ID1#2-0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP
Node ID – 12345678-ABCDEFGH
User/Email – user;

Note that login IDs such as “administrator”, “root”, or “matlab” are not permitted.

License Set

Identifies a set of licenses owned and managed by a single product group or company.  A new license set is created with every new software license purchase (but not for maintenance update purchases).

Example:  L0012345

License Number

Identifies a single license within a license set.  Typically is provided as an appender to a license set.

Example:  L0012345-6