Software Configuration Management for Simulink Projects

This unique training course focuses on assisting users in understanding and applying Software Configuration Management (SCM) and Version Control System (VCS) terminology and concepts to Simulink projects. In order to illustrate these concepts in practice, training will also include a live demonstration of how SimDiff 4 is specifically used to merge Simulink models. Course trainers are flexible and can use the customerʼs SCM of choice for demonstration, such as AccuRev, ClearCase, CM Synergy, MKS, and Subversion. This course also offers participants an excellent opportunity to further discuss issues and ask questions specific to Simulink projects.

Training for Simulink Projects


The information and methods of the training course are beneficial to several users:

  • System engineers, software architects, and software developers.
  • Anyone involved in the development process for model-based development around Simulink.
  • Anyone involved in tool deployment for model-based development around Simulink.

Overview of the SCM and VCS terminology and concepts.

  • Understand SCM and VCS issues specific to Simulink models.
  • Learn how to use SimDiff to merge Simulink models.
  • Learn how to use a modern SCM with Simulink models.
    Cost and Location

    EnSoft will come to your facility to conduct each half-day course*. Dates are flexible, so please contact us with times that are convenient for you. The course is $2,250 for up to 20 participants; a $250 fee will be assessed for each additional participant.

    * On-site courses are currently only offered within the continental United States. If you are interested in training and are located outside of the continental U.S., please contact us to learn more about alternative training delivery methods.