System Requirements for SimDiff

SimDiff runs on a wide variety of software and hardware configurations. If you have any questions about compatibility with your particular configuration, please contact us.


  • Supported for the following operating systems:
    • Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 11)
    • Linux (CentOS, RedHat and Ubuntu)
  • SimDiff 4 does not require MATLAB/Simulink to run or to compute model file differences. However, some advanced features require MATLAB/Simulink to function. SimDiff supports MATLAB/Simulink R14SP1 and higher, all the way up to the most recent MATLAB/Simulink release. If you have an older version of MATLAB/Simulink please contact us for help with your particular configuration.
  • We recommend managing Simulink model files using a version control system (VCS) or software configuration management (SCM) solution. SimDiff 4 is capable of integrating with most SCM solutions and VCS systems. Please contact EnSoft if you would like assistance configuring SimDiff with a particular system. Click here to find out more.


Hardware for Older Operating Systems

64-bit support

A 64-bit version of SimDiff is available. Note that the SimDiff architecture must match the MATLAB architecture in order for MATLAB integration to function properly (i.e. – use 64-bit SimDiff if you use 64-bit MATLAB, and 32-bit SimDiff if you use 32-bit MATLAB). We recommend using 64-bit SimDiff when working with very large model files (20MB and up), if possible.