SimDiff 4
Everything you need to collaborate on Simulink models.

SimDiff has become the leading diff and merge tool for Simulink models since its first release in 2005. SimDiff’s accuracy, speed, and robustness has made it the preferred choice amongst the world’s leading companies in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries.

Supports all major blocks sets, including Stateflow, dSPACE blocksets, RTW, Xilinx. Runs on Windows or Linux and supports all MATLAB versions.

Automatically transforms Simulink models for standards compliance, modernization, and more.

Simhance automatically transforms models for standards compliance, modernization, or when intaking models from another team. The stock version of Simhance can automatically detect and correct JMAAB 6 guideline violations, but EnSoft can provide clients with custom versions to fit their modernization and other project needs.

Convert C code to Simulink models.

Modelify is a new tool that converts legacy C code into Simulink models. Instead of a verbatim conversion, Modelify transforms low-level logic from C into higher level constructs in Simulink. This yields models that are maintainable, closely follow the MAAB modeling guidelines, and are more natural to a Simulink user.

Analysis and visualization platform for understanding software systems.

Atlas is a new kind of tool for tackling hard software problems and making developers even more awesome. Atlas has many general applications, but the most popular is understanding code someone else wroteClick here to find out how.

Build highly-scalable solutions to graph alignment problems.

SimEngine provides the building blocks to build fast, highly-scalable solutions to graph alignment problems. SimEngine works by finding pairs of aligned pivots between two colored graphs. A pivot is a node that is aligned to itself in all the automorphisms of a graph. Aligned pivots serve as anchors to then efficiently complete the alignment without the combinatorial explosion of possibilities that traditionally makes graph alignment problems intractable.