Simhance can be purchased as a perpetual license or a 1-year subscription license. Each Simhance license can be assigned to a single named user. During the maintenance or subscription period, you are entitled to all major and minor updates as well as e-mail support.


United States and Other Regions

License options Price
Perpetual License $ 1,850
Maintenance Renewal (1-year)$ 370
Subscription (1-year)$ 740


License options Price
Perpetual License€ 2,220
Maintenance Renewal (1-year)€ 445
Subscription (1-year)€ 890


EnSoft can customize Simhance to include customer-specific transformations. For example, if your team is adopting models from another company after a merger or acquisition, Simhance can be customized to automatically transform the models from the previous company’s modeling standard to your team’s modeling standard. EnSoft can also customize Simhance to comply with internal modeling standards or variations on common standards. 

Customizations that are variations on typical transformations are included in the license purchase price. More specialized customization may incur an additional cost. Please fill out this form and we will contact you with more information.


EnSoft provides e-mail support during your subscription or maintenance period. Support e-mails will be answered in the order in which they are received. Our technical support staff will do their best to resolve your issues.


Simhance is available as an electronic software download. The license cost above does not include media. Media is available for a nominal cost plus shipping and handling.

United StatesEuropean Union
Media$ 17€ 18
Shipping and Handling $ 12€ 70