About SimEngine

SimEngine provides the building blocks to build fast, highly-scalable solutions to graph alignment problems. SimEngine works by finding pairs of aligned pivots between two colored graphs. A pivot is a node that is aligned to itself in all the automorphisms of a graph. Aligned pivots serve as anchors to then efficiently complete the alignment without the combinatorial explosion of possibilities that traditionally makes graph alignment problems intractable.

SimEngine can scale to tens of millions of nodes on a commodity laptop and billions of nodes on HPC hardware, and is highly resistant to error in the source graphs.

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NodesHardwareTime to Align (10% edge error)
100,0004-core 2.5GHz i71 second
1,000,0004-core 2.5GHz i723 seconds
10,000,0004-core 2.5GHz i747 minutes
100,000,0001024-core SGI UV 30021 minutes
1,000,000,0001024-core SGI UV 30035 hours

SimEngine Solution Development & Evaluation License

The SimEngine Solution Development & Evaluation License allows your team to develop and evaluate a solution based on SimEngine that includes world-class support from EnSoft and guidance tailored to the project, and if necessary, an on-site visit. A separate deployment license will be needed once the solution is developed.

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