Modelify Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Conversion Bundle?

A Conversion Bundle is a group of source files chosen by a Modelify user that will be converted to Simulink models using Modelify. Source code not included in a Conversion Bundle will only be converted to screenshots of a model in an HTML report. Modelify’s licensing model is based on the number of lines of code the user wants to convert to models. The Conversion Bundle is how the user chooses which code to convert for the license they have purchased.

What is the purpose of the Conversion Bundle?

The Conversion Bundle feature enables both purchased and evaluation licenses of Modelify to select a set of code to be converted to Simulink models. 

How large can a Conversion Bundle be?

For evaluation licenses, the Conversion Bundle can contain up to 2,000 lines. For a purchased license, the Conversion Bundle can be as large as the user wants it to be and the number of lines will be subtracted from the lines-of-code (LOC) budget that were purchased with the license. If the Conversion Bundle contains more lines than are in the LOC budget, more LOCs must be purchased.

Are comments counted?


Are empty lines counted?


What lines are counted?

Lines of source code are counted. This does not include empty lines or comment-only lines.

How are long lines counted?

Lines longer than 120 non-whitespace, non-comment characters are considered to be long lines and will be counted as multiple lines.

What files are counted for a Conversion Bundle?

In the Conversion Bundle UI, the user selects the source files to include in the Conversion Bundle. These files will be counted along with any header files that are required by those files.

Can I change code after creating the Conversion Bundle?

Yes, you can change code after creating the conversion bundle. If the code is changed more than 1% then you can do a rebase operation to allow the conversion to go ahead.

Say your company purchased 500,000 lines of code to be used for conversions across the company. Suppose you have a bundle of 100,000 lines and you modified 500 lines. Since this change is less than 1% (of 100,000) Modelify allows conversions to go ahead and without consuming any lines from the overall budget. 

But let’s say you have modified 1,500 lines instead. Since this change is more than 1%, you can do a rebase operation for conversions to continue and this will only consume an additional 1,500 lines from the company’s budget.

How many times can the code in the Conversion Bundle be converted?

Code in the Conversion Bundle can be converted as many times as you’d like. The configuration can be changed and the code reconverted repeatedly.

How does Modelify determine how much code has been changed?

Modelify will create a bundle master file which contains a copy of the source code when the Conversion Bundle is created. Future changes to the code will be compared against that bundle master file to determine how much code was changed. This file is stored at <project>/.modelify/

What happens if the bundle master file is deleted?

Deleting the bundle master file will create licensing problems and may require the purchase of a new license. If the bundle master file is deleted or if it is changed and does not match the expected checksum for the Conversion Bundle, Modelify will not be able to validate the Conversion Bundle and will not allow conversions to Simulink. EnSoft support does not have a copy of the master file because it includes user source code.

How does EnSoft sign the Conversion Bundle?

After selecting the source files and creating the Conversion Bundle, the user can click the “Sign Bundle” button to send the bundle file to EnSoft and get a signature file automatically. Once the signature file is received, Modelify automatically applies the signature file to the project. This procedure requires the user to be connected to the internet.

If the computer is not connected to the Internet or the Modelify license server cannot be reached for some reason, we can still sign the checksum file. After clicking the “Cancel” button, you can export the checksum file by clicking the “Advanced >>>” button and then the “Export checksum file” button to save it to disk. The conversion checksum file can now be emailed to EnSoft at and EnSoft will send back a signature file. The user can then import this signature file into the project. After the signature file is imported, Modelify will validate source code in the Conversion Bundle by checking that the bundle master file checksum matches the checksum in the signature file.

What information is included in the Conversion Bundle file sent to EnSoft?

The bundle checksum file includes the Modelify license key used to create the Conversion Bundle, the number of lines and characters in the Conversion Bundle, and a checksum of the bundle master file. It does not contain any information about the code itself and EnSoft will not be able to determine any information from this file. The checksum file is a simple XML file that can be read by the user before sending to EnSoft.