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Q: When is this code ever used?
Q: Where does this variable come from?
Q: What are the possible values of this parameter?
Q: Where is this return value used?
Q: Where is this library being used?
Q: What file was that function in again?
Q: Ok…so this bug affects how much!?
Q: What was he thinking when he wrote this!?

A: Atlas.

Atlas is an awesome tool that lets Java and C users answer all of the questions above and deeply explore their code bases at lightning speeds. Atlas is displayed alongside the source code so users can quickly visualize the relationships in their code, files, classes, etc.

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Capabilities of Atlas

Atlas can be used to build powerful visualizations and analysis scripts using simple commands, create Eclipse plugins that process Java and C code, understand and visualize code written by others, find elusive bugs, and so much more. Below are demonstrations of Atlas’s main features that help make developers and engineers even more epic in their work.

Atlas Smart Views

The Atlas Smart Views can quickly show how a source code works and how different parts are interconnected. Users can click anywhere in their code and instantly get a visualization of the code relevant to the function or part clicked on. The Smart Views are a great place to answer a lot of the questions above. This video shows how to get started with the Atlas Smart Views.

Atlas’s Connection View

Tracking down links between parts of code can get messy quickly. The Atlas Connection View is the perfect tool for focusing on key dependencies in code. Display graphs of all interactions between multiple fragments of code, or choose one source and one sink in order to isolate a specific connection. The Connection View illuminates the exact relationships developers need to see, even in the densest systems. This video shows some of this functionality.

The Atlas Shell

The easiest way to get started with Atlas is Smart Views, but sometimes engineers need a different kind of graph, statistic, or even custom tooling. That’s where the Atlas Shell comes in. The shell allows users to execute commands interactively using our Scala-based scripting language or to write scripts using Java, Scala, or any other JVM compatible language. 

Getting and Evaluating Atlas

Atlas is available in several editions. Atlas Lite is perfect for developers who want to quickly and easily improve their source codes while Atlas Professional was built to make even the most complex and difficult codebases feel effortless to navigate. For those starting out in academia or the hobbyist at home, EnSoft offers academic and open source licenses to get those developers moving quickly and on to other projects; all thanks to Atlas.

For more information about licensing/pricing and to see a list of all of Atlas’s features and editions, please visit our licensing page.

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System Requirements

Atlas runs on a wide variety of software and hardware configurations.

Atlas SDK and Shell

Atlas allows integration with several repository systems.

How to Buy Atlas

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Download Atlas

Atlas can be downloaded by accessing the following links.