Modelify can be purchased as a perpetual license or a 1-year subscription license. Each Modelify license can be assigned to a single named user. During the maintenance or subscription period, you are entitled to all major and minor updates as well as e-mail support. Since Modelify relies on Atlas to process C source code, a license of Atlas is included with Modelify.


United States and Other Regions

License options Price Lines of Code Included
Perpetual License $ 1,8501,000
Maintenance Renewal (1-year)$ 370500
Subscription (1-year)$ 7401,000
Add-on 4,000 lines (available for Modelify licenses with active maintenance)$ 1,8504,000


License options PriceLines of Code Included
Perpetual License€ 2,2201,000
Maintenance Renewal (1-year)€ 445500
Subscription (1-year)€ 8901,000
Add-on 4,000 lines (available for Modelify licenses with active maintenance)€ 2,2204,000


Modelify closely follows the MAAB modeling guidelines and offers some control over the model generation. However, some customers need more control over how their models are generated. EnSoft can customize Modelify to meet specific customers’ needs. Please to discuss your requirements and pricing.


EnSoft provides e-mail support during your subscription or maintenance period. Support e-mails will be answered in the order in which they are received. Our technical support staff will do their best to resolve your issues.

On-site Training

Optional on-site training is included with Modelify license purchases of $10,000 or more for customers in the continental United States and with Modelify license purchases of €25,000 or more for customers in Europe*. Choose from our standard training program or ask us how we can tailor your training program to fit your team’s workflow. With either option, one of our Modelify product specialists will deliver a 1/2-day introductory session for up to 20 participants; a $250 / €250 fee will be assessed for each additional participant beyond 20.

* If you are located outside of the continental United States or Europe and are interested in on-site training, please contact us at

Additional Modelify Training

After the optional initial training session included with qualifying license purchases, additional training sessions are $2,250 / €4,000 each for up to 20 participants, with a $250 / €250 fee assessed for each additional participant.


Modelify is available as an electronic software download. The license cost above does not include media. Media is available for a nominal cost plus shipping and handling.

United StatesEuropean Union
Media$ 17€ 18
Shipping and Handling $ 12€ 70