Atlas for Developers

Understanding code someone else wrote is hard because you need to understand how multiple pieces fit together.

  • What are the possible values of this parameter?
  • Where is this library used?

You can use the Atlas Smart View and Connection View to quickly visualize relationships in code or, if you are a power user, try the Atlas Shell to build powerful visualization and analysis scripts using simple commands.

The Atlas SDK helps you build powerful Eclipse plugins that process Java and C code, as well as custom visualizations tied back to your code.

Atlas Smart View

Need to understand code someone else wrote?  Or plan a major change?  Atlas Smart View can quickly shed light on how your code works and how different parts are interconnected.  You can click anywhere in your code and instantly get visualization of your code relevant to the artifact you clicked on.  The Smart View can quickly answer questions like:

  • If I change this method, how will other methods be affected?
  • Where does the value of this parameter come from?

This video shows you how easy it is to get started with the Atlas Smart View.

Want to try it on your own code?

Connection View

Tracking down links between parts of code can get messy quickly. The Atlas Connection View is the perfect tool for focusing on key dependencies in your code. Display graphs of all interactions between multiple fragments of code, or choose one source and one sink to isolate a specific connection. The Connection View illuminates the exact relationships you need to see, even in the densest systems.

Learn more about the Atlas Shell.
Try it on your own code!

Using the Atlas Shell

The easiest way to get started with Atlas is Smart Views, but sometimes you need a different kind of graph, statistic, or even your own custom tooling. That’s where the Atlas Shell comes in.  The shell allows you to execute commands interactively using our Scala-based scripting language or to write scripts using Java, Scala, or any other JVM compatible language.

Learn more about the Atlas Shell.
Try it on your own code!


Atlas is available in Lite, Standard, and Professional editions. Atlas Lite is free for anyone to use.

Atlas Standard is free for academic use with no publication restrictions. Researchers will be interested to know the graph schema is documented.

Open Source developers can obtain a license of Atlas Standard for use with Open Source projects.

EditionsAtlas LiteAtlas StandardAtlas Professional
Code Visualization
Java Support
SDK and Shell
C Support*
Premium Technical Support
Java/Android Binary Support
Deploy Custom Plugins to Workgroup**

*C Support will be complimentary for SimDiff users in the Atlas Lite version.
**Users with an Atlas Standard or Professional license can develop and use any custom plugins developed with the Atlas SDK. In addition, Professional users can deploy their custom plugins to a workgroup of up to 20 Atlas Lite users (Atlas Lite is free). For deploying to more than 20 users please contact us.