About Modelify

Modelify is a new tool that converts legacy C code into Simulink models. Instead of a verbatim conversion, Modelify transforms low-level logic from C into higher level constructs in Simulink. This yields models that are maintainable, closely follow the MAAB modeling guidelines, and are more natural to a Simulink user.

This demo gives an overview of some of its features. Request a free trial and try it on your models!






Modelify is built on top of Atlas, which converts C code into an XCSG, a rich, semantically-precise graph representation which includes control flow, data flow, and call structure. Modelify relies on this information not only for translating logic, but also for organizing the models into subsystems and libraries.

Engineers can also use Atlas to explore their C code and plan how to best convert it.  

Two ways to evaluate Modelify

Since Modelify can quickly convert large C projects into Simulink models, we provide a limited trial version which will produce screen shots of models. Alternatively, if you want to examine actual models, you can send us a conversion bundle to be signed, which will allow you to convert up to 2,000 lines.


Modelify uses reductions to convert groups of low-level blocks into higher level constructs, merge redundant blocks, and other transformations (typically resulting in fewer blocks and more natural Simulink models). Modelify comes with a standard set of reductions that target the MAAB modeling guidelines. However, these reductions can be enabled or disabled to better match your own modeling guidelines.

Example Reduction: Joining vector selectors and assignments into Demux and Mux blocks

Before Reduction

After Reduction


Licensing & Pricing

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System Requirements

Modelify runs on a wide variety of software and hardware configurations.


Frequently Asked Questions

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