Downloading Atlas

You can download Atlas for use on a workstation (i.e. desktop or laptop).  For use on a cluster or cloud deployment, please contact us.

Atlas can be installed from the update site into Eclipse or by downloading Eclipse with the latest version of Atlas already installed. The prepackaged Eclipse downloads are listed at the end of this page. We recommend using Eclipse 2021-12 for the best results. We also recommend Java 11.

You will need a license key to run Atlas.  If you don’t have a key already please request a free Atlas Lite license.

Downloading via Eclipse Update Site

Update Site:

For easy instructions on using the update site watch this video


Getting Started with Atlas

To get started using Atlas watch this video

Or you can follow the steps below.
– Click the Atlas -> Atlas Smart View menu item.
– Atlas will map your source code, it will take a few seconds to a few minutes for most projects.
– Then click on a field to get a nice graph.

To change the type of graph click on the little down arrow menu selection in the Atlas Smart view and pick a different script. Have fun trying different scripts and clicking in different parts of your code.

Downloading Eclipse with Atlas Already Installed

Atlas & Eclipse for C

Windows 64-bit Version

Atlas & Eclipse for Java

Windows 64-bit Version

Atlas & Eclipse for JavaEE

Windows 64-bit Version